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Matthew Davies Stockton Provides You with Tips to Maximize your Outdoor Camping Experience

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Camping is an activity that brings you close to nature and lets you observe and become a part of the great “outdoors”. It is a nice break from your urban life and that’s the reason so many people like to go out camping during the weekends. According to Matthew Davies Stockton, there are a few things that would help to make your camping experience even better and minimize hassles to a great extent. Here are a few tips that would maximize your outdoor camping experience:


Tips & Tricks


1. Use toilet paper rolls to start a fire - People usually spend money on a good fire starter. However, there is one thing that you throw away and that can do as good a job as anything else. Take lint from your dryer and stuff it inside your toilet paper roll. This grants you a free and effective fire starter that would deliver and get the job done every time.


2. Use a beer can as a stove - Camping trips are never complete without a crate full of beer bottles and cans. While there are plenty of useful hacks with a beer bottle, beer cans also come in use in surprising ways. A knife, alcohol, and beer can allow you to create a makeshift stove in mere minutes.


Cut your beer can in half and take off the inner lid from the top half. Smooth out indentation into the top half’s lower edge. This helps you to make your flames reach the cooking pot. Now slide that modified top half into the bottom and pour a bit of denatured alcohol inside it. Light the fire and you are good to cook up some delicious meals.


3. Seek the shade - When you decide on a camping spot, place your tent or park your RV under ample shade. This simple action allows you to reduce the heat by as much as 10 degrees. Use a camper's awnings or hand out a tarp above your tent to create some additional shade and you can bring down the heat even further.


4. Tea tree oil - Tea tree oil is your second most favorite liquid at a camp, right after water. It is a powerful antiseptic that can be used for treating cuts and injuries. You can also use it to treat bug bites and poison ivy rash. You can also mix around 40 drops of the oil with a generous amount of water and create a natural bug repellant spray that keeps ticks and mosquitoes away.


5. Use Altoids containers as survival kits - Empty your Altoids container and pack it up with essential things to create your portable survival kit. It is small and easily fits inside your pocket. It has more than enough space to hold everything from lighter or matches to swiss army knife, wire saw, and a mini pack of dehydrated food.



Matthew Davies Stockton believes that these tips would enable you to get more out of your camping experience without spending an extra dime.


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